Vaser Hi-Def Liposuction

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Today’s business and living conditions make it difficult for us to devote time to ourselves. The fact that we have limited time to exercise, and get a good diet plan, creates difficulties in losing weight. However, it is the desire for all of us to have a fit and formed body appearance.

The Vaser hi def liposuction technique is a big help for us at this point. With the Vaser hi-def liposuction known as ‘’high definition’’, anybody can get abdominal muscles in approximately 1 hour. The technique is not only used to create six-packs, it can be used for other muscle groups too. The abdominal muscles in the form of six-packs, are made with vaser lipo.

Vaser hi def lipo surgery is performed under hospital conditions. Under sedation or general anesthesia, special ultrasonic sound waves send to the fatty tissue by entering from very small spots. The abdominal muscles are formed when the fat are taken away. This operation takes about 1 hour. It does not require hospitalization. The recovery process is very rapid after Vaser hi def liposuction surgery. Return to the social life takes 1 or 2 days. You need to use a liposuction corset for the first month. This corset is very slim, it does not disturb the person and also prevents the skin sag. There will be almost no pain. If there is a dull pain it can be relieved easily with painkillers. Again, you should not do sports activities the first month of the surgery. Vaser hi def liposuction immediately shapes the body, but the fluid retention will be completely gone 2 months later.

For women and men, with vaser hi def lipo the required area and abdominal muscles can be formed; with the formation they can be more active in their social life and their self-esteem can increase. Therefore, vaser hi def liposuction is one of operations that surgeon does put peoples’ face a big smile

Sweden is a country that has proved its first place around the world. We are carrying out our aesthetic surgery with the philosophy of ‘Minimum error and successful results’, the Swedish technique developed by mathematical and algorithmic methods by Professor Hern, who performed the most esthetic surgery of the world in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. To make peace with the mirrors, transform yourself into the one you are dreaming of, give us only a day. With our magic touches, life will be more elegant on you.

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  • Jenny parker

    Its been almost 3 months since I had vaser hi def liposuction since the first day I never got bruises or operation marks Im recovering well I got great shape now I am ready for beach parties. thanks alot for shaping my body with your latest liposuction technique I will recommend everyone to see you..

  • Hussain Mouhsin

    Hello I wanted to remove the fat from my sides and abdominal region one of my friend recommended your place is there any chance I can get information about difference between classic lipo vs vaser lipo? and Im writing from London I would like to also know how long do I need to stay in Istanbul for vaser liposuction treatmen. Thank you

  • Alan D.

    Doctor I really appreciate your work before the vase lipo I did not know how I was gonna shape my body I went to gym and did all the dieting still I had stucked fat on my abdominal region but when I came up to vaser hi def lipo it really gave me a hope, after making researches I found out your place is one of the most successful place and I chose you, now I understand I made the best decision of my life, the result is amazing thanks to you alot for changing my life,

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