Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Do not think of your saggy arms anymore
As on all over the body by time, sagging can be seen on the arms too. The arm stretching aesthetic, which is the way of getting rid of this situation, is applied by many hospitals and successful results are obtained. Arm lifting is though-provoking because of the fact that the limbs need to be used continuously in the first place nuy after perfect results, the operation should be done before progress on sagging.

Depending on the aging, Weight problems or arm swell, which is seen more frequently in slow-moving people, is suitable for arm lifting aesthetic by doctor’s examination. At the end of the examination, the doctor plans the arm structure, which is suitable for the body lines of the persons. At the beginning some testing should be done to patient who will have the operation in order to see if the body gives any reaction to specific medicines or by testing it can be understood if cancer patients can have the operation

If the arm has fat starts from the shoulders with sagging, liposuction treatment can be done to that area under local anesthesia but in some status it might be more serious that is why thoso kind of operations might take 2 or 3 hours under general anesthesia. Since arm lifting starts from underarm till wrist, and the stitches come horizontally from underarm to wrist. Patients should be informed in advance of the fine line-like appearance of the surgery that will occur after arm lifting operation. The surgeries last an average of 1 hour in local conditions, and 3 hours in larger procedures. The swelling and bruising that may occur after the operation are transient temporary problems.

The recovery of the patients in a short period of time can take up to 2 weeks to return to normal daily work. To use more intense arm functions, a period of 2 months is needed for complete closure of the cut veins and stitches. Especially women’s want their appearance be good in all short-sleeved dresses, therefore the operation can be done, according to the applied operation, aesthetic cause different arm lifting prices.

Armstrong Aesthetic Prices

Arm stretching prices can cause price differences between hospitals, as well as being done by specialist should not be forgotten that successful results can be reached. Aesthetic operations applied in special hospitals, as well as can be applied on governmnet hospital in case of accidental injuries or bone or soft tissue operations.

It is becoming increasingly widespread , because patients regain their apperance easily , they are kept under doctors and nurses control for a short period of time after surgery, and later on they come to regular follow-ups.The people who have lost amount of weight by dieting,regimen and also after stomach reduction application, get sagging therefore they need arms streching operation. Also some people who have been doing sports for a long time and left suddenly, can get sagging easily, arm stretching operations can be applied to them too.

Sweden, where the healthcare industry is well advanced, is a country that has proven itself in the medical world. One of the most important names in this field is Professor Hern, who lives in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Professor Hern, who has done the most aesthetic surgery of the world, achieves minimum error and success with the Swedish technique developed by mathematical algorithms on numerical values.

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